The most important information for mentors of new drivers, all in one place.

As a parent, grandparent, sibling, guardian, friend or partner, there are few more nerve-wracking experiences than watching someone you care about gain their independence as they learn to drive. There are so many things that can go wrong and it's such an expensive time too. But armed with the right information you can save yourself a lot of worry - and that's what this website is for. In these pages we'll guide you through everything you need to know to help your loved one be a better, safer driver with a better, safer car.

Read through the resources on this website and you'll also discover how to cut the cost of car insurance without cutting corners and we also give you the low down on the greatest dangers on our roads, so you can try to ensure your loved one doesn't fall prey to any of them. So while there are some things that will always be outside of your control, you can keep a tighter rein on a lot more things than you think - and banish those sleepless nights in the process.

Before you get stuck into all the great content for mentors of new drivers within this site, we’d like to say that any reference to “parent” or “child” is purely for editorial ease. We know that lots of great advice and support for new drivers comes from other people close to them, so if you are reading this in any capacity other than a parent, please don’t be offended.


FIVE WAYS YOU can make a difference:

As a parent you’re uniquely placed to give your child the best possible start to their driving career. When it comes to spending time helping them practise their driving, as well as choosing their car and insuring it, all of these things can make a big difference to their safety as well as those around them.

Learner and instructor

DRIVING INSTRUCTORS: If possible opt for a driving instructor who has signed up to The Honest Truth. Such instructors look at driving attitudes as well as abilities and it’s by taking this dual approach that your child will have a much better understanding of how one split-second bad decision can have an ongoing impact on the lives of those around them.


BUYING A CAR: When your child buys their first car, with or without your help, explain to them how a newer car needn’t cost a lot more than something older which will cost much more to run – and which will be much less safe.  Newer cars have more tech that helps to prevent crashes, but in the event of a collision a newer car will protect your child that much more.

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FATAL FIVE: Driving too fast, taking drugs or drinking alcohol can all lead to carnage and it’s the same with using a mobile phone or not wearing a seatbelt. These are known as the Fatal Five and it’s key that you spend time talking to your child about these dangers. We’ve prepared some fact sheets to help you with this.

Private practice

PRIVATE PRACTICE: Spend as much time as possible sitting with your child as they practise their driving in the family car. It’s essential that they get in as much practice as possible before they take their driving test, but this must be alongside professional tuition, not instead of it.

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INSURANCE: When choosing car insurance, steer your child towards a telematics (or black box) policy. Not only can this save a lot of money very quickly but it could also make them a safer driver – and it will allow you greater peace of mind too.

GLOSSARY: Download a PDF with all the key terms used throughout this site with descriptions and explanations.