Pass Plus Extra

When somebody passes their driving test they often feel they have nothing more to learn. But nothing could be further from the truth which is why taking the Pass Plus Extra course could be a life saver. Pass Plus is the UK’s most popular post-test training course, and with hefty discounts available for Staffordshire residents, it’s a very affordable scheme too.

What's Pass Plus all about then?

New drivers are highly likely to have a collision in the first six months after passing their test, because of a lack of driving experience. Pass Plus reduces this risk by helping to plug those gaps in their knowledge and experience. By allowing them to tackle a range of scenarios that they might not have encountered before their driving test, they’ll be much better prepared to tackle them after doing this course. 

What does Pass Plus involve?
Once your child has passed their driving test they’re able to drive on the motorway. Without any training this can be frightening for them and potentially dangerous too, so one section of the Pass Plus course involves motorway instruction. Other scenarios covered include driving at night, on rural roads, on dual-carriageways and in poor weather. This extra tuition will make your child a safer, more confident driver. 

What does Pass Plus Extra offer?
Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership has created Pass Plus Extra, to encourage a greater take-up of Pass Plus by providing subsidies to make the course even more affordable. 

Great! How do I get a subsidy?
First, attend one of our two-hour workshops which take place regularly throughout the County. They’re informative, fun and designed to provide your child with a wealth of useful information to keep them and their passengers safe. Once they've attended a workshop and depending on where you live, they’ll qualify for a substantial reduction in the cost of taking Pass Plus.

Having taken the Pass Plus course, I’d urge all new drivers to do the same. It could be a life saver”
— Lily Irving, Stoke-on-Trent

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